Back on Track

I’m doing much better emotionally today so I did peddling for 40 minutes (20 forward, 20 backward), then 10 jackknife situps, then 5 minutes of stretching. Then I went grocery shopping with my fiance for about a hour.

Normally I do a hour of peddling, but considering how I’ve been feeling I didn’t do that today. I’m working on not feeling like a slacker because I’m not.

I mentioned that I might be sharing recipes that I like and find pretty healthy, so here we go.

We use 97% fat free chicken and 2% milk for it. We usually don’t add the garlic because that tends to unsettle our stomachs. To go with we have whole grain pasta and red sauce (today I got some that has some red wine in it) and usually an organic romaine lettuce salad with low fat ranch dressing. Omn nom nom.

I realized I didn’t mention that we don’t add the sugar to the glaze, either. I don’t notice any difference without it — I think it’s there for a binding agent but as long as you stir it really well and keep stirring it as you put it on it’s not a big deal.


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