Gym Musings

So, my fiance and I have talked about getting a gym membership in a few months when we can afford it.  However I’m concerned; everyone I’ve talked to who does the gym thing, especially if they ever use a personal trainer, talks about how to lose weight you HAVE TO count calories in order to reach your goal. This concerns me, as those who have read the previous posts know, because I used to obsessively count calories and had good food types and bad food types and so on when my anorexia was running my life. I still find counting calories to be very triggering and have relapsed a few times because I tried to keep track of my calorie intake, just to see how much I eat a day.

Obviously, I wouldn’t have to use a personal trainer, but I’m wondering how deeply set that mentality is at the gym. Is it just when you talk to a personal trainer about your goals or are you going to get pestered by everyone about it when the subject comes up? Are there any gyms that deal with people who have a history of mental illness and eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder? If there are, would any in my area have a clue what to do with me?

These are just a few of the concerns I have about going to the gym. The other concerns I have are people going to the gym while ill and spreading their germs and illnesses to other people (I have a very weak immune system) and how often they clean the equipment, if at all. I know that most gyms offer sprays to spay on the machines or wipes but I wonder if that would upset my environmental illnesses.

I guess they only way to know would be to go to a gym and try it out but I’m afraid even that would be too triggering to me. When it gets closer to the time we can afford a membership, then I guess we’ll have to do some calling around to see what we can find out.


2 thoughts on “Gym Musings

  1. Gnomey says:

    You never *have* to do anything. It’s perfectly possible to work out at the gym and not worry about a single calorie. Honest. A good loss includes both weights and cardio, but never once has the personal trainer (or anyone) at the gym asked me about calories etc. Just if I’m eating healthy and getting all my nutrients.
    People at the gym talk about the gym, machines and classes etc. in 4 months I’ve never experienced anything but that.

    You may need to change the settings on machines not to show the calories being burned, but most let you rotate between different statistics so you wouldn’t have to worry about that too much. I get squicked about germs as well, and I’m not going to lie and tell you people are good about it. At my gym there are spray bottles on the walls near paper towel dispensers and I always clean the cardio machines before and after use. Some others do as well. No ones said anything about my carrying around a paper towel soaked in the spray to wipe down machines before I use them. If you have a local YMCA you can get reduced rates, and possibly even go free (medical issues etc. apply I believe?) at the very least you can get a walk through tour.

    I’m extremely supportive of your losing weight this way btw. I’m not sure I mentioned why before, but I was bulimic in my youth. At one point I was exercising daily, and 110lbs at 5’7. I still fight the urge to vomit when I feel I’ve eaten too much. It’s a struggle, but you can do it! I don’t tell many people that, but if anyone understand the battle it’s you. ❤

    • Thank you for the reassurances, Gnomey. It’s reassuring to hear about your experience with calorie-counting at the gym. Hopefully when/if we can afford a gym membership, the gym we find is like that, too. I need to start taking a multi vitamin but beyond that I think we’re eating pretty healthy (we’re down to just 1 2 liter bottle of soda a week, when we were going through a 12 pack every six days, if not sooner).

      At our old apartment complex, there were stationary bikes that people had moved into the laundry facility and we’d use them sometimes. I’d usually put it on the Distance or Heart Rate setting. It’s good to know that that feature is pretty common when it comes to gym equipment. Yay for sprays for the equipment too. What kind of spray is it? Does it have a scent (other than chemicals, that is)? The possibility of perfumey cleaning supplies concerns me a lot since I’m allergic to perfumes. Hmm! We’ll have to look into the YMCA, especially if they’ll let us get a discount/free membership due to health issues. I wonder if there’s one near by. We live about a 15 minute walk from a gym but I’m not sure about them and they don’t offer estimates online when it comes to membership pricing.

      Oh hon =( I didn’t know that you also struggled with an eating disorder. So many of my friends have. You can do it, too. One day at a time. I’m proud of you for trying to lose weight in a healthy way, despite how easy it would be to get back into the awful bulimia cycle.

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