Still Awake

I’m suffering from major insomnia (one of the many health problems I have) tonight. Most people count the day at midnight but, because of my insomnia and just weird sleep schedule, I count it at dawn or when I sleep, whichever comes first.  So, with that in mind, I’ll talk about what we did today.

I skipped the peddler and abdominal today because we went up next to Buffalo Bill’s grave (anyone from Colorado will probably be able to guess where that is) and walked around on the trails there for about a hour. It was a fairly slow-paced walk because of the large rocks in the trail and how sometimes there would be a steep cliff to one side, but it was enjoyable. It was nice to get out of the apartment and enjoy the lovely Colorado weather we had today. After that we went grocery shopping.

When we got home, we made a 4qt pitcher of iced tea and another of lemonade and made lunch (which probably isn’t the healthiest thing ever but we’re low on money so we have to eat what we can afford).

Starting to get some of my usual withdrawal bleed symptoms, which means for the next few days I might not be able to be very active because I’ll be having to take a lot of painkillers and won’t feel so great, as is per usual for me. But we’ll see, since I haven’t taken a break from my HBC since around November; it’s hard to know how this bleed will be.


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