Mens Health

I’m going to stray from my usual topic for just one post here (though I guess it does sort of tie into the health-related thing) and talk about mens’* health, especially how men don’t go to the doctor, they’re about 24% less likely to go to the doctor when they need to than women** are. This puts men in the hospital for preventable conditions way more than it does women because preventable conditions don’t get caught as easily.

My fiance has had this red blotch on his back the whole time I’ve known him (eight years) and it’s changed in shape/size/colour/texture over the years. I’m very concerned about it because it could easily be skin cancer but he won’t go to the doctor because he says he’d rather not know. I’ve been trying to get him to go for years and years; I bring it up every time he mentions going to a specialist (he has a lot of health issues that require visiting a specialist but he won’t see a general practitioner unless he’s gravely ill) but he still hasn’t had it looked at. Plus he has some other small oddities that should be looked at by a GP but it’s like pulling teeth to get him to go.

So, yeah, in honour of Mens’ Health Week, talk to the men you know and love and ask them to get themselves looked at.

Here’s an article about symptoms that men shouldn’t ignore (I know I post yahoo articles a lot and it’s just because it’s easy to look through their top headlines when I log into yahoo messenger):



*As in male-bodied.

**As in female-bodied.


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