Pictures–Pre and Post Recovery

So, I promised you guys pictures of me pre and post recovery, so here we go.

The first picture is of me, my sister, and our friend. It was taken during the summer of 2005 and anorexia was running my life. It should be noted that I had gained between 5 and 10 pounds when this picture was taken and I weighed about 110lbs.

The second picture was taken earlier tonight and I consider myself to be in recovery. I weigh about 144lbs. I feel that I look fatter than I actually do so it was weird seeing this picture and not seeing myself in a dysmorphic way. I’m not going to think or talk about how that makes me feel much, it’s just strange.

So, yeah, there you go.

Me, my sister, and our friend summer '05. I'm on the right.



2 thoughts on “Pictures–Pre and Post Recovery

  1. RachelleR says:

    I thought you looked very cute when I saw you in person, and I had the opportunity to *really* see you. That being said, I hope you’re able to lose the weight and be happier with yourself. I know how that feeling is.

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