Working Out Again

I worked out (as in consciously worked out, not just walked around for hours outside) for the first time in a week today. It felt really nice and I was able to touch my toes while I did the jackknife crunches for my abdominal. So, go me.

Another go me thing: I weighed myself for the first time in three weeks (I only weigh myself about once a month so I can’t obsess about it) and I’ve lost six pounds! I thought I might be losing weight because of how my clothes have been fitting but I didn’t want to rush my every three to four weeks weighing schedule.  I’m very proud of myself for doing it in a way that (for the most part) hasn’t been triggering to me and in a way that doesn’t promote disordered eating.

Speaking of promoting disordered eating, has anyone else seen the pulled Yoplait cheesecake commercial? The National Eating Disorder Association asked Yoplait, which is owned by General Mills, to pull it because it promoted disordered eating and Yoplait eventually did. I agree with NEDA when it comes to the message the commercial sends but I know that not everyone agrees. It’s just that, as someone who has struggled with anorexia a majority of my life, I have done things like are in the commercial, bargaining with myself about if I was “allowed” to eat something. So, good on NEDA for putting the pressure on Yoplait to pull it.

Here’s the commercial for those of you who haven’t seen it. I strongly caution that it could be triggering to eating disorders:


2 thoughts on “Working Out Again

  1. Scarlett says:

    Thanks for posting the commercial! I subscribe to NEDA’s newsletter and had read the release, but hadn’t seen the commercial in question and was curious. I’m not a “triggered” sort of person–my ED is and always has been very much internally-driven–but I can see how the language here could be uncomfortable for some. Diet-language and ED-language can be inseparably close a lot of the time…

    • You’re welcome! I also subscribe to their newsletter and sought out the commercial when I got the notice about it; took a while to find it, too. I definitely understand where you’re coming from. Thankfully, the commercial didn’t trigger me but I think it could be triggering to some people, so I figured I should put a warning up. Yeah, I’ve noticed that diet-language often resembles ED-language and that concerns me about the dieting world (one of the many things that concerns me about it, actually).

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