Feeling Hopeless

I’m feeling pretty hopeless right now. I’ve been unable to workout consistently for a couple of weeks now because of being exhausted ALL THE TIME and I’m feeling pretty hopeless. I’ve managed not to gain more weight than I had when I was still trying to workout daily so I guess that’s good but I’m pretty frustrated.

Eating healthier is in the same boat. Money is so tight right now that we can’t even afford for my fiance to take lunch to work so we’re eating the cheapest possible things we can find because we simply don’t have money for expensive, unprocessed foods. Maybe someday our economic situation will be better and I won’t have to worry about money/food as much but who knows how long that will be.

Another reason I’m having trouble working out is because of family drama being triggering to my eating disorder again. I don’t want a repeat of what happened last time when I was feeling like this so I’m just trying to ignore the urge to workout until I get sick again, which is hard. At least I see it happening and am trying to fight it, though.


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