Trying to Get Back on Track

I worked out for the first time in probably two weeks today. I feel good about that. Let’s see if I can manage to maintain energy levels and spoons to keep it up.

It’s been an amazingly stressful last couple weeks, which is why I gave up on working out for a while. I knew that it would just trigger me and I was having enough issues with food because we couldn’t afford to eat and eating what I was made me feel really guilty. Hopefully that will be behind us for a while, though, and I can get back into a workout routine.


2 thoughts on “Trying to Get Back on Track

  1. Oh 😦 I’m sorry to read that you’ve been struggling so much to afford food and such, I know that can’t be helpful whe you’re trying to regain normal eating routines!! I hope thins soon get easier for you, my dear! Be kind to yourself and stay strong! Xoxo

    • Thank you ❤ Hopefully things will be better soon. We've got an appointment with a debt consolidation place soon and if they can help us we'll be okay. It definitely is hard, especially when we couldn't afford for my fiance to have lunch at work and he was losing weight in such an unhealthy way. It was quite triggering in of itself.

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