Study: Eating Healthy Foods Adds Hundreds, If Not Thousands, Of Dollars Per Year

So, some researchers at the University of Washington did a study to look at how much more money people will have to spend on food per year if they follow the new government recommendations on food. They found that it will add hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year to consumer’s food budgets if they follow the new guidelines. But that eating less healthy foods is much cheaper, and thus, more affordable to people who are poor.

I say duh because my fiance and I are below the sate poverty line and we don’t qualify for food assistance because I’m over 21 and we don’t have children. So our food budget is really tight. We often simply cannot afford to buy fresh vegetables and fruits or other healthy choices. It’s a luxury when we can afford to get some apples as a snack or have a salad with dinner. That’s how tight our budget is. We’d LOVE to eat better but we just can’t afford it.

However, I know that a lot of people think that people who eat processed crap food do so because they’re ignorant or they like eating unhealthy. The study that the University of Washington did showed that that’s not the case and that price of food motivates what people will buy.

So, here’s the article. It was interesting:


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