Dieting Book for Children Aged 6-12?

Seriously? As if it’s not bad enough that children as young as three years old are starting to obsess about their bodies in unhealthy ways now there’s going to be a book on the shelves to help promote this.  In October the book, which is called Maggie Goes on a Diet, will hit bookshelves across the country. And it’s being marketed toward children aged 6-12.

The cover of the book shows an overweight girl holding a pink dress many sizes too small and her reflection is shown to be much thinner than her real self is. I found that image to be in really poor taste, especially since the rates of eating disorders in children younger than 12 is rising at alarming rates and having a dismorphic view of your body is very common with eating disorders (granted, this is a bit reversed but still).

Children need to be taught that dieting is a quick fix and doesn’t work long-term. They need to be given information about how exercising and eating properly (assuming their families can afford it — not everyone can afford the healthiest foods available) is how to stay healthy. They also need to be taught to accept all body types.

This fat hates has to stop.


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