Clothing Sizes Mean Nothing

I just read an interesting news story. It’s about how clothing sizes really mean nothing at all. There’s no regulation system, no rules, no laws; nothing to make it so designers and clothing companies have to say that a size six is whatever measurements.

That wasn’t always true, though. There was a government regulated board until 1983 that regulated clothing sizes to measurements. It was brought about during WWII as a way to make military uniforms standardized. But it was shut down in 1983 because the measurements they used didn’t match with the average American body anymore. So now there’s nothing telling designers and clothing companies what a size six, four, twelve, or any other size is. So they often size up smaller sizes to make people feel better but it leads to confusion as this excerpt from the article states:

“I wear a size two in Ann Taylor, a four in Banana Republic, a six in Old Navy, a four at Coldwater Creek and a friend told me about Chico’s, but told me I would have to look at a size zero,” she says. “I never like size zero—it’s encouraging people to be waifs. That doesn’t make me feel good.”

Stuff like this is why I find clothing shopping to be so upsetting and triggering. I’ve run into the problem of knowing I was size whatever a few months or a year ago but then I don’t fit that size anymore. I thought it was my body betraying me but it’s actually the clothing industry playing tricks.

Anyway, here’s the article:


4 thoughts on “Clothing Sizes Mean Nothing

  1. Fight Like A Girl says:

    I’ve just blogged about this too after my shopping experience today:

    • I just read your entry. How awful. I hate clothing shopping, too. I’m actually leaning toward making my own clothes from now on (gotta get over the fear of zippers though!). I know how to sew (and have a really nice machine) but haven’t done much fitted clothing since it’s a bit scary.

      • Fight Like A Girl says:

        Oh! I wish I could sew!!! That would solve ALL of my problems! I’ve always hated clothing shopping – it’s so traumatic. You should look at sewing a few pieces to sell, you never know – you might go somewhere with that! 🙂

      • Replying here since there’s no reply link on the most recent reply.

        You could learn to sew! It’s really not that hard once you understand how the machine works. The most expensive part is the machine but you can buy refurbished or discontinued models for pretty cheap (mine was half price ’cause it was discontinued). Then you read the user manual and you can even learn on youtube if you don’t have the money/don’t want to go to a sewing class. I was lucky and learned to sew from my mom (though she hated sewing and rarely did it ’cause of a bad home ec. experience), aunt, and godmother. I actually have been thinking of trying to sell some items online (pet-related) 😀

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