Clothes Shopping

This spring my favourite pair of pants ripped in a way that I couldn’t repair them. It was a fun opportunity to make myself a bag using them but it left me with one pair of pants that fits. Which means, with fall and winter in the way, soon I will have to do one of my least favourite things and shop for clothes.

While a lot of other people enjoy shopping for clothes I find it to be one of the most frustrating, humiliating, angering, and triggering things I could do. Nothing ever fits right and I touched on why that could be in my previous post. Add to that that I’m 5’1 1/2″ and you pile on another thing about why I hate clothes shopping — everything is designed for taller people and it’s difficult to find petite sized clothes in styles/patterns/colours that I like so half the time I have to look closely at pants legs and figure out if they’d look weird with six inches chopped off.

Every time I go clothes shopping I threaten to just make all of my clothes myself but never do because that means having to learn how to install the dreaded zipper (and figure out how to tailor things). But maybe someday…


2 thoughts on “Clothes Shopping

  1. cyn stickney says:

    well you could avoid zippers by using velcro or maybe buttons?

    • Buttons have their own challenges because of button holes (my machine came with some sort of button hole making foot but every time I try it, it just tears holes in the fabric and doesn’t actually do any good) and velcro gets hair and stuff stuck in it eventually. I just need to get over my fear of zippers.

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