Maybe A Pattern

Did 30 minutes of leg-peddling today. 15 forward, 15 backward. Was too tired to do arms.



Also, I’ve been trying to find other links to post here but have not had much luck since everything I can find is about how to make your fad, yo-yo diet work when there’s really no way it will work ever. Which is not the sort of thing I want to post here because I don’t think that dieting is a mentally healthy or physically healthy thing. It’s one thing to try to eat a balanced diet, it’s another thing to cut out entire food groups because some fad diet tells you to.

I’m a firm believer that in order to lose weight and keep it off, you must work hard and change your life. Doing a high protein diet because someone says to isn’t going to help you keep weight off in the long run, same with eating only bananas or whatever the latest fad diet says to eat. Eventually you’ll go back to eating normal food and you’ll gain what you lost back. Fad dieting doesn’t change your lifestyle in the long run; people diet to lose weight for the short term. If you really want to lose weight, work hard to eat better and up your activity level; get out there and go on a walk, ride a bike, take dance lessons, whatever strikes your fancy to get you moving.


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