More Wii Fit Plus+Mall Walking

Yesterday my fiance and I walked the mall at a decent pace. It wasn’t really our goal — we had some shopping to do — but still. The mall is a mile around. My back and stomach muscles hurt like hell most of the day yesterday because of Wii Fit Plus’ Figure routine so I didn’t really workout yesterday. However, walking the mall counts toward moderate exercise and, thus, counts toward my goal of heart health!

Today my fiance and I did some more Wii Fit Plus. I’m not sure which routine he did but it lasted about 7 minutes. I did the Hips one — lasted 8 minutes. I LOATH the advanced dance step thing. It really messes with my dyslexia.

Because my fiance re-calibrated the Wii Fit yesterday, it said I gained some weight and gave me some shit about that. It made me tell it why I gave weight. I ended up yelling at it. I wish I could just turn that feature off because it drives me nuts and is kinda triggering.

But, over all, it’s nice to have the Wii and Wii Fit Plus back. Hopefully with it and two peddlers we’ll be able to workout at least a little every day, which will help keep our hearts healthy.


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