Why My Fiance Is Awesome

This is a conversation my fiance and I had over text message earlier. Discusses counting calories and how calories aren’t very accurate anyway. May be triggering. I also fixed any spelling errors.


Fiance:  Wow. Mcdonalds new radio ad is so eating disorder trigger.

Me: How?

Fiance: It’s about counting calories and things under 300 calories.

Me: Unfortunately, no one cares if counting calories is triggering to people with eating disorders. It’s considered a “normal” weight-loss technique.

Fiance: It’s such a stupid measurement anyway.

Me: It is. But it’s fast. And fast is all people care about. A better way to do it is to control portion sizes. That combined with a healthy workout plan can be very successful.

Fiance:  Well the thing is, a calorie count depends on everything being cooked at the exact same temperature for the exact same time every time.

Me: Hah, really?

Fiance:  Yeah. A calorie is a unit of energy, specifically heat. So something cooked 10 seconds less will have many more calories.

Me: Very interesting. Did you learn that at Serve Safe?

Fiance: So, if you ate more overcooked food, you eat less calories. No. In chemistry and, um, thermal equilibrium.

Me: It’s funny that you learned it there.

Fiance: Food burns because it hits the calorie threshhold and doesn’t  have anything to control heat.

Me: I didn’t know that.

Fiance: Most people don’t. When a food is entirely out of calories, it ignites.

Me: Cooking makes so much more sense now.

I’ll stop there ’cause it’s long and I think I posted all the relevant things. Also, I’m not sure what’s with the weird text sizes.


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