Insensitive Family Members

On Sunday, we met with my estranged father, who I had not spoken to from May until the end of December. This is the second time we have met since I have started speaking to him again. And he said some really, really, really inappropriate things about my weight and body.  Rationally, I know he’s projecting his own issues onto me but getting my emotions to understand that and block out the hurt and triggers is impossible.

I sent him an email last night explaining how hurt he made me. And I also told him that comments about my physical appearance will not be tolerated anymore. He responded saying he wanted to help me and he’s concerned and so on. I think people who don’t know him would think that he means with my eating disorder issues. He does not mean that. He means with my “chubby face,” as he put it, and with being “20lbs overweight.”

He has a long history of saying really rude things to me about my body. I’m so upset that my fiance and I are going to call NEDA. I hope they can help with something like this.


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