Security Anxiety

On Wednesday, my fiance and I got to go see President Obama speak in Denver for free. I was very, very, VERY nervous about the security for the event, especially since I need a cane to walk most days (especially on days where I’ll be walking a lot, days the weather changes, or days my body decides to give me the middle finger). I was very nervous that my cane was going to get me extra security procedures and I almost left it home despite how much not having it would have made me suffer. My fiance and my friend talked me into bringing it so I didn’t destroy myself though. It turned out to be a good thing because if I hadn’t had it, we would have had to stand for 4+ hours and that’s just not something I can do anyway.

So, because I had my cane, we got to go into the people-who-need-ADA-assistance line, which meant we got to go into the gymnasium first and go through security first.

After what felt like ages of waiting, we were told to start forming lines to go through security (people who were unable to climb five steps were able to get in using a ramp). I was very nervous and kept envisioning “enhanced” TSA-style pat-downs or the x-ray diffraction scanners. But really it wasn’t bad at all. There were rows of metal detectors with waist-high counters next to them and security officers standing next to the machines with blue gloves on.

My fiance had to empty his pockets (they were searching bags but I didn’t bring my purse). Then he walked through the metal detector and they wanded him with a metal detector wand (around his arms, torso, and legs but they didn’t go between his legs). It was my turn next and I was worried about my cane  but it turned out to be not a big deal. They had me walk through the metal detector and then they wanded me like my fiance. I was prepared to take my cane apart (it folds) but they just asked me if I needed my cane. I said yes, and that was that.

It was a very fun (if exhausting) experience and I’m glad that I went. I’m posting this here for anyone else who has the chance to see the President but might not go due to the security. I would have felt much less anxious about the whole thing if I had known more details about the security, other than “airport-like security” like the tickets said.


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