Brown Bag Microwave Popcorn

My fiance and I have two parrots, as such, we have to be careful what products we use, including avoiding Teflon as much as possible (which can be difficult because that stuff is in a lot of weird things, like vacuum bags). Imagine my horror when we found out that not only does microwave popcorn have scary ingredients that are nearly impossible to pronounce, many brands (and generic brands) also have Teflon.

Last week, I was doing my nightly pinterest hunt for recipes to try. This has become an obsession but I figure it’s a good thing since it’s a positive thing that I can do relating to food. Anyway, I stumbled on a pin talking about how to microwave popcorn using plain, brown lunch bags.  I was dubious but figured it didn’t hurt to try it. So we picked up a container of plain popcorn (usually used for air popping) and some brown lunch bags.

I had a killer migraine on Wednesday and slept most of the day. Yesterday morning, I finally came out of my migraine stupor (mostly — I still feel a bit hungover from it) and I was craving popcorn. So my fiance tried it. And, HOOBOY, it works! I was amazed!

I think the most exciting part for me is all the flavour/topping options. Or, you can eat it plain if you like it like that.

Anyway, here is the link to how to do it:


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