Unstability Leads to Relapses

My fiance and I are living with my sister’s friend. Our housing is still unstable. We’re looking for a place to live but it’s exceedingly difficult with an eviction on your record, especially if your only income is unemployment (yes, jobs are being sought).
We’ve been eating a lot of junk food because of stress. We’re trying to cook more but the stove where we are only has one working burner and the oven is unpredictable.

Because of the stress, I’m really triggered and thisclose to a relapse. The idea of eating disgusts me and I feel fat and disgusting. Plus my other mental illnesses are running a muck.


2 thoughts on “Unstability Leads to Relapses

  1. Jen Busseau says:

    ::hugs:: I’m sorry it has been so hard. And I wish I had a magic button of better-makingness. Just try to expose yourself to positive influences like support blogs if that helps. Talking helps too, I’m glad you made this post ❤

    • *hugs back* Thanks. It’s just so hard. B was so optimistic (and I was trying to be) when we first ended up back here. He was saying we’d find a place by two weeks, and he’d have a job, and we have nothing. I just can’t deal with it. I self-injured for the first time in a long time too =/

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