National Weight Stigma Awareness Week + Awesome Link

This week (Sept. 24-28) is National Weight Stigma Awareness Week, which is a great thing to get involved in. It aims to bring awareness to the stigma that weight carries in our culture and promotes social justice. To learn more, click here.

Today my friend posted forwarded-to-Facebook a great article on Jezebel written by a woman, who grew up being the “fat kid,” and how grateful she is that she didn’t grow up now with the fat-shaming ad campaigns that do NOTHING AT ALL to address any real problems that being overweight may have, and, in fact, invent “problems” that the ads “fix.” The article talks about how, even though she was the “fat kid,” she played three sports and was a very active kid. She also talks about how she’s “fatter” now but it also talks about how she’s very active still, eats organic, eats well, has never been in the hospital, is very healthy, etc. HOWEVER, she also makes the EXTREMELY important point that even if she ate ice cream every day for every single meal, society is still very, very, very, very disgusting for judging people for their weight.

Anyway, article here:


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