Food Stealing Leads to Triggers

Where my fiance and I are living now is in the basement of my sister’s friend’s house. A single mom (D) lives upstairs with her three kids (G, 15; T, 12; Dn, 10-ish). The kitchen is shared and upstairs so we’ve had to be careful with labeling our food so it doesn’t get eaten, especially since D’s friend, N, and N’s young daughter (age 5-ish), K, are here pretty much all the time.

The first week we were here, my last toaster pastry disappeared from the clearly-marked box. It really upset me but I tried to let it go. This sort of thing is pretty triggering to me because it makes me want to hoard all my food and never eat it again (which I used to do when I lived at my parents’ house because food was very unstable there because they’d forget to buy me food and I wasn’t allowed to eat from the general food supply). But, like I said, I tried to let it go. Last night, my fiance and I were at the grocery store and Lunchables were on sale. I LOVE Lunchables but rarely get them because of the expense but we bought a few and marked them when we got home before putting them in the fridge (we even bought our own markers so we don’t have to borrow anyone else’s). Just a few minutes ago, my fiance asked me if I ate one of my Lunchables. I told him no. And he told me that one of them was missing.

This really makes me angry and triggers me. I want to grab them all and stuff them in a cheap cooler to keep people away from my food. It’s my food! We don’t qualify for food stamps anymore because the requirements are different in this county so money is especially tight (which compounds my food issues) and we cannot afford to replace food that greedy people literally steal from us.

My fiance has already talked to D but I’m still so upset that I’m shaking.


2 thoughts on “Food Stealing Leads to Triggers

  1. How very rude! I know too well how this feels, as I used to rent a room in a house with a shared kitchen. I ended up having to eat round at my boyfriend’s because the entire house would steal my food and use my crockery and put it back on the shelf unwashed.

    I’m fairly certain that this is the reason that, over the years since, I have bought at least a weeks’ worth of food and left it in the fridge to go off. I didn’t want it; I just needed to know it was there.

    • People are disgusting. I hate it when people steal. This plus G’s stealing of our whiskey (it’s the only reason we can think of why a good portion of the bottle is missing and he was puking-drunk a week or so ago) has me want to kill someone. I just can’t deal with it. B’s the only one who does any dishes too.

      I’ve been that way about food, too. I often hoard candy (especially chocolate) and it just goes bad because I’m afraid of running out.

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