Roommate’s Disgusting Kitchen Habits and Food Disappearing Again

On Sunday night, D put a pork shoulder into a slow cooker so they could have it for dinner Monday night. On Monday night she asked us if we wanted any but we’d already figured out our food schedule for the week and declined. The pork was still in the slow cooker when D and her kids went to bed, which wasn’t a HUGE deal to us but did bother me since she made a fuss at a few days prior because we left a few dishes in the sink overnight.

It’s now early Sunday morning and the pork is still in the slow cooker. The juices around it have congealed and the fat has hardened, turning white, and it smells horrific. For the last week or so, D and her kids have left lots of food just out on the counters, half eaten, and days’ worth of dishes have piled up before they do them. We never leave food out on the counter overnight because we’re too poor to waste food and also because it’s plain disgusting. My fiance, B, has also started just hand-washing our dishes and putting them away as we use them, rather than waiting for the dishwasher to be empty so he can put our dishes in there. So that mess has nothing to do with us.

The state the kitchen has been in is so disgusting that B doesn’t want to be up there to cook and I don’t either. So we’ve spent money we don’t really have on things like fast food and pizza since it’s so disgusting up there. It makes me really angry because if we did anything like that, D would have a fit.

B’s unemployment ran out this last week. So the money we have is the money we have until he gets a job (he’s looking desperately and has a few possibles, though, so thoughts/prayers/etc would be awesome). As such, food waste is not happening here and we’re being really careful about how much money we’re spending on groceries.

Last night we went to Super Walmart to pick up groceries and I picked up some yogurt cups to have as part of my breakfast. I got 4 cups and marked the lids with my names (I’ve been very obsessive about marking things since the last time food went missing) and then put them in the drawer that everyone knows is ours. When we got up today, we went to make our breakfast and all but 1 of my yogurt cups were missing.

I controlled myself until we got back down stairs and then I lost it. I started yelling,cussing, crying, the whole works. I even fantasized about getting something irresistible, chocolatey, and putting chocolate-flavoured laxative syrup in it, marking it as mine, and seeing if anyone got sick after it disappeared. Obviously, I won’t be doing that but it’s so tempting.

B says he’ll talk to our landlord, Gb, who lives here as well since talking to D hasn’t worked. B has to handle it because I’m unsure if I can be trusted not to totally lose it on D over it.

I HATE living with other people!



Edit to add:

This is apparently my 100th post.


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