More Internet Body Rudeness

I really need to just flat-out refuse to show people I talk to on IM programs photographs. But I never learn…

I was talking to a guy I’d been talking to for about a week or so and I decided he wasn’t creepy so I decided to share this photo with him:

It was going fine until he told me that I’d look nicer if I lost weight. I blew up at him, lectured him and told him how NOT OKAY. He apologized and then he made a negative body comment about Russian women, said they’re all “soooooo fat.” At that point I just blocked him.

What is it with people thinking that sharing a photo means an invitation to scrutinize and ridicule the body that someone else lives in? Now I feel all eating disorder triggered. I’m fighting it but it’s so hard.


4 thoughts on “More Internet Body Rudeness

  1. I can’t believe he would say that! Obviously he wasn’t good enough for you anyway! Glad you learned out sooner rather than later! You’re be-you-tiful, so SCREW HIM!

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