Hot Chocolate Stealing

I’m having a really hard time with food in general right now because things are so stressful. I’m eating what sounds good that we have around here, even if it’s “junk food.” Tonight, as a dinner replacement (I had a large “lunch”), I thought that a cornbread muffin and hot chocolate sounded really good. My fiance went upstairs and started the kettle for me. Then he went up to make my hot chocolate and get me my muffin because my legs have been hurting badly for the last week. But he came back empty handed. Someone had gone into our only cupboard (D and her family has the rest of them) and taken my last two packets of hot chocolate.

This marks the 5th time our food has gone missing. All but one instance, our food has been marked or in our cupboard. So, having had enough. I wrote up this letter and my fiance said he’d post it to the fridge next time he goes upstairs.

This is my note:

To Whomever Keeps Taking Our Food:
I would speak to you in person but I don’t think I could keep my composure. Food is a very, very emotional issue to me because I grew up without enough. We barely have enough food right now and no money to replace the food that keeps going missing at regular intervals around here. Marking the food with our names does no good, putting it in our designated cupboard does no good. It’s one thing to ask us and at least give us a chance to decide if we can spare whatever it is that you want. But at least four times our food has just gone missing without so much of a word. Much of it has never been replaced, including food we were told would be replaced. I am extremely upset and hurt by the inconsiderate actions of the person(s) who keeps taking what is not theirs.
–[my signature]

We’ll see what sort of response it gets. I figure, any response other than an apology is real douchebaggery.


4 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate Stealing

  1. This used to happen to me when I was renting a room in a large Victorian house. There was only one kitchen and I seemed to be the only one who bought food – everybody ate mine instead of buying their own. I remember going to the kitchen once, to make a cheese sandwich, only to discover MY crockery covered in grease and put back on the shelves, filthy black finger marks on my cheese and a huge chunk BITTEN out of the block. I honestly don’t know what I’d have done if I didn’t have a boyfriend up the road with a kitchen in his bedsit.

    • That’s disgusting! Who do these people think they are? Really! This wasn’t a problem when we lived with other roommates. But for some reason it’s a major issue now. I think it’s likely because there’s kids in the picture now and they’ve not been taught boundaries well. Plus sometimes D is just too tired/whatever to go to the store for something to appease the kids, so she tells them to take whatever they want and says she’ll replace it (that was the case with my yogurt, which hasn’t been replaced).

  2. Cyn says:

    I personally would make some exlax brownies. or my other favorite tunafish catfood salad. and just leave it in the fridge. or maybe both as I am not very nice at all. It has worked every timeI have worked at a job where some one would steal lunches from the fridge.

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