Advanced Style – An Age-Positive Fashion Blog

I was reading NPR’s Tumblr and I came across an article about a blog run by Ari Seth Cohen called Advanced Style, which is a blog full of pictures of fashionable older folks (mostly female-bodied people but also a few male-bodied people). The idea of this blog is completely wonderful to me because you don’t see many photographs of older people as  snazzy and “hip.” Once you’re passed a certain age or size, you’re not thought of as glamorous or beautiful anymore, or so the fashion industry says. Plus, the bodies featured seem to be very normal, every day bodies, and that warms my heart that much more. So, go ahead and check out the article and/or blog.


2 thoughts on “Advanced Style – An Age-Positive Fashion Blog

  1. Jen Busseau says:

    I LOVE THIS! Thanks for posting it, I had never seen that blog before and I LOVE seeing fashionable older people – the focus is not on sex appeal but on real style and real self expression. I have always looked to older women and older designers in general (like Koos Van Den Akker) for inspiration in fashion because, like you said, it’s not about the body size or shape but the niftiness of the fashion itself!

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I love how the blog is about nifty outfits and not about models so skinny you can count their ribs at a distance, THROUGH their clothes. I like a lot of Koos’ stuff too. 🙂

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