Sorry Dove, Not Buying It

Thought-provoking critique of Dove’s Real Beauty project.

Disrupting Dinner Parties

As a part of their Campaign for Real Beauty, Dove released this video that quickly went viral. In the video we see several women show up before a forensic sketch artist. The artist draws two portraits of each woman, one based on her description of herself and one based on stranger’s description. Later, women are shown both portraits to show them how much they underestimate their beauty. Inspiring, isn’t it?

Nice try Dove, but I’m not buying it.

Dear well-meaning, gushing internet friends that re-post this video with tag lines like “to all my beautiful friends out there” etc., slow down with the fervent praise.

Before we delve into the message, let’s examine the messenger. Let’s consider Dove – a corporation, the primary purpose of which is profit. Profit, revenue, money, dough is the bottom line here and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. In this case profit is gained…

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