A Sensible Weight/Body Fat Article from Cracked.com

I know, I know. Cracked.com, the humour site that borders on offensive and funny, how can they possibly have a good article discussing weight and how it’s impossible to lose large amounts of weight long-term? I don’t know but they do. And it’s really worth a read. However, the link contains screen shots of misleading weight loss ads, discussion of weight, body fat, calories, and related topics, so I caution readers about that.

So the guy or girl you see in the “Before” and “After” photos in weight loss commercials, who completely changed body type with diet and exercise? You know, like Jared from Subway, who lost 230 pounds? Either they’re about to be fat again in a couple of years, or they’re a medical freak occurrence, like the sick guy who was told he had six months to live but miraculously survives 20 years. That guy exists, we all know famous examples. But it’s a rare, freak situation, living in defiance of all of the physical processes at work.

It’s a little funny and a little sad when Cracked gets something like this right and is more sensitive and sensible than mainstream sources.

With that in mind, go check out “Fat Is Officially Incurable (According to Science)”

Here’s the non-hyperlinked version: http://www.cracked.com/quick-fixes/fat-officially-incurable-according-to-science/


7 thoughts on “A Sensible Weight/Body Fat Article from Cracked.com

  1. alycevayle says:

    Interesting. I do believe that the longer you have a weight problem and the earlier you catch it – the better. I started to gain weight after puberty (very common for girls) and had I not reigned myself in – I would have ended up obese. I am now lean, and I really feel for people struggling with their weight. But it can come off and stay off – if we learn to change our attitudes to food.

    • The article I linked cites about a dozen studies that proves your belief wrong. The body naturally gravitates toward a set weight it’s most happy at and many factors, including genetics, influence that set point. Health At Every Size by Linda Bacon goes into depth about this topic and has cited studies to back up the claims made in the book. The article I posted backs it up. The fact that you didn’t end up obese likely has less to do with your “attitudes to food” and more to do with your set point.

      Edit to add:
      I find it disturbing that you would comment about how “attitudes to food” effects weight on a blog written by someone who struggles with an eating disorder, also. You just stated something that goes against medical science and is untrue for 98% of people to someone who struggles with feelings of feeling fat, food restriction, and other issues. Next time you comment, please consider where you’re commenting. Many of my readers are not as far into recovery as I am and that comment could be triggering!

  2. Jen Busseau says:

    Changing the root causes of weight gain are the only way to be part of the 2% of people who are physically able to lose it and keep it off, If the root cause is genetics, hormones or health problems, or just a naturally “high” weight set point, then you’re unlikely to be part of that “lucky” 2%. There is an awesome book on this subject called Health at Every Size that has TONS of studies and citations worked into it’s easy-to-understand language. My set point was 20 lbs lower than I thought it was, which I discovered after I read that book and began handling food and exercise in a sensible, non-disordered way and became disabled and unable to work at my extremely stressful job. For me the root cause was stress. Since I have eliminated much of the stress that was throwing my entire body off, my weight has changed. But I realize that that does not mean I can diet and wail on myself at the gym for months to attain permanent change. Truly, even if we all did this every day of our lives, we would regain what we lost. That’s actually been scientifically proven. Check out the studies on the cracked article and I believe HAES has citations on its website too.

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