Personal Update

I need to write here and I keep seeing stuff I want to post about but I can’t bring myself to care because we’re facing homelessness for the 4th time since September. We have to move on the 31st of this month and, despite looking since December, we haven’t found anywhere else to live. I’ve been sleeping a lot and panicking a lot. I’m trying not to think about it but it’s all I can think about at the same time. I’m alternating between eating a lot and not eating at all.

I’m so close to giving up.


5 thoughts on “Personal Update

  1. vampiric conure says:


  2. Hey, this is *not* the J I know and love. I can understand your panic (been there, done that and have recurring nightmares of same happening again) but I also know that you are not a person to simply give up. you’re the one that lends me your stompy boots when mine wear out!

    Everything happens for a reason hon; things really can only get better.

    *big hug* xxx

    • It’s just been so horrible and shitty for so long. I’m so desperately lonely, too. I hoped that moving back here, to where I grew up and where my family and most of my friends still live, would mean I’d see people more. But they always say, “we should do something sometime!” But turn me down when I invite them to do stuff (like when we went to the pioneer cemetery). I’ve tried making more local friends but I can’t seem to.

      I wish I could believe things were going to get better but it’s been hard like this (in slightly worse and better degrees) for three years.

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