Personal Update Plus Interesting Link

Well, we have a roof over our heads but we had to move almost a hour away from my fiance’s work. Our new housemates are controlling micromanagers and have made living with them pretty miserable. I’m trying to keep my head up but it’s not going well. I feel pretty hopeless. I’d go into more detail but thinking about it makes me feel worse.

On a totally different topic:

A study was done recently (on only 66 people but still) that shows a possible link between female-bodied children who have anorexia and autism. Basically, they found that most of the subjects they studied (between the ages of 12 and 18) scored on tests similarly to people with autism. I find this interesting because I definitely show some signs of mild autism myself and the research seems beneficial. Anyway, here’s the link. Non-hyperlinked version here (do I need to keep providing these? Let me know in the comments):


2 thoughts on “Personal Update Plus Interesting Link

  1. sparklewina says:

    The first link works just fine for me.

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