Personal Update About Housing Plus Mental Health/ED Talk

This post discusses disordered eating, self-harm, and mental health. Read with caution.


I’m beginning to think we’re never going to recover. Apparently last Monday, after our landlord/roommate C (he’s the husband), tore into me over our birds being our of their cage in our room he told B that we need to be out later today (feels like tomorrow because even though it’s 3:40am I haven’t slept). No amount of reasoning with C will change his mind. We told him we’d get the carpet cleaned when e move out, we put down a drop cloth and blanket in addition to the large area rug we already had; nothing has made a difference. What he’s doing doesn’t seem legal because we paid through the end of August and they said the birds were okay with no stipulations (we do have proof) and he’s also refusing to prorate the rent we’d overpay.

I’m not doing well at all. Thinking about food makes me more panicked than I am and eating in of itself makes me want to throw up. Each time I chew is an argument with my eating disorder and I’m not sure if I can fight it when everything else is crashing down around me. I self-harmed worse than I have in over a year and a half less than a week ago ’cause I just can’t take any more. I’m so terrified.

We still have nowhere to go. We had a promising lead but they stopped responding. Yes, we’ve contacted the police but they didn’t get back to us and no one answered when we tried again. We’re supposed to get a call back from Fair Housing later in the morning.

Incidentally, does anyone live in the Loveland/Greeley/Fort Collins/Windsor/Evans area of Colorado and would be willing to rent a room to my fiance and our two pet birds? We don’t have much (any, really) money right now but my fiance gets paid weekly and we could work something out. If so, please leave a comment with information on how to contact you. Thanks.


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