DIY Hamburger Helper

This looks really delicious. I’ll have to try it. And I need to make a real post here but I’ve been doing mostly okay on the eating disorder front so I’m not sure what to talk about.


I was going to make this, but it’s too hot in the house to use the oven. instead, I rummaged through the cabinets and came up with my own version of cheeseburger macaroni.

You’ll need:
* 2lbs uncooked pasta
* 1lb ground meat
* 14.5oz can diced tomatoes
* seasonings
* onion
* bell pepper
* 16oz jar cheese sauce


The best part is that you can use whatever veggies and seasonings you want. I only used about a forth of a cup of onions and half of a bell pepper but you can use more, less, or something completely different! The seasonings I chose were garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and thyme.

1. Chop veggies. Put them in a skillet with the ground beef. Sprinkle the seasonings over the mixture, add a little water so that the meat doesn’t stick, and brown the meat.

2. While that’s coming, make…

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Open letter to a loved one in an abusive relationship

CW: domestic abuse. This post is lovely and I felt it was really important that as many people as possible see it.

Disrupting Dinner Parties

Dear loved one,

This is a letter for you, the person in our lives who is in an abusive relationship. You are our sister and our brother, the girl we went to college with, the friend with whom we went on that epic road trip, our coworker, our parent, our past self, our future child. The abuse you’re living though may be emotional, sexual, or physical. You abuser may be a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, parent, friend, or some other relationship to you. Maybe you’ve spoken with us about your abuse, maybe you’re not yet comfortable sharing it, or maybe you’re not even comfortable labeling the treatment you endure with the “A” word. This letter is to you, the one we love who is enduring abusive behavior.

There are some things we want you to know, and the first, the most important, is this:

You are loved.

I love you, and…

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The Body’s Battle with Weight Loss

CW: talk of weight loss, food, body fat. I posted about this Cracked article but The Fat Chick Sings broke down the links in the article and talks about the mechanics of weight loss and why it’s so hard. Have a look!

slide33.033I recently ran across this little gem on entitled “Fat is Officially Incurable (According to Science)” which offers a surprisingly accurate portrayal about just how likely those “before” and “after” shots in advertisements are to reflect the long-term experience of real, live people.  While proceeding with tongue firmly inserted in cheek, the author offers a nice summary of some of the scientific evidence offered regarding long-term weight loss:

  • Probability of long-term maintenance of very modest weight loss (10-15 pounds)–Very low
  • Probability of a fat person becoming (and staying) a thin person–Practically Non-existant.

One of my favorite things about this article (besides David Wong’s deliciously snarky attitude) is the plethora of links to some other wonderful content that I’ve read, but probably forgotten about.

For example, a lot of the math about Weight Watchers “success stories” (including why you may be 20 times more likely to survive being shot…

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Just What the #$%&! am I Supposed to Eat!?!

CW: discussion of food that may be triggering to people suffering from eating disorders.

Very interesting post talking about the arguments nutrition scientists make about how many milligrams of this and what portion of that one is supposed to eat. The main topic is recent studies that suggest the current sodium intake could be dangerously low and the post talks about how the current recommendation is just the bare minimum of salt a person can eat while still getting sufficient calories and nutrients. I’m particularly interested in this ’cause my mom and her parents had heart disease and I’ve avoided salt like the plague because of that.


So have you seen the article in the New York Times that says it might be okay to eat salt again?  It seems some recent research is calling into question the American Heart Association’s recommendation of 1,500 milligrams a salt per day.  Now on the one hand, this question is almost moot, because it’s nearly impossible to achieve 1,500 milligrams of salt a day and do things like occasionally eat food that has had any processing, eat out once in a while, or you know, live in the modern world.   On the other hand, there are some indications that consuming sodium levels as low as 1,500 milligrams per day might actually be harmful.  So it probably does merit a second look.

So according to the article, several recent studies have indicated that a sodium level goal of 2,300 might be better than 1,500 milligrams per day.  Some of these studies…

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Gender Identity and How It Relates to My Eating Disorder

Strong caution for discussion of disordered eating patterns, body image, and gender dysphoria.

I’ve been sitting on this post for a while, trying to figure out how best to approach it. It’s been difficult because our weather has been very unstable and it messes with my fibromyalgia and leads to brain fog.

Anyway, it recently occurred to me that my recently embraced gender identity might have something to do with my eating disorder. I came out to my friends (the ones who didn’t know already!) and family as genderfluid (feminine pronouns — she, her, hers, etc — masculine honorifics — brother, son, etc — and refer to me as “person” rather than man/woman/lady/girl please!) a day before my birthday (April 10th) after doing a lot of soul searching and having finally picked out a name that suits who I am better. The initial reactions from my father and younger sister were great; very supportive and affirming. But as time’s gone on, they’ve become less supportive. My dad even told me that he’ll always use my old name and said some pretty insulting things when I told him that B (my fiance) knows and is supportive (“who’s on top?”). It triggered a mini relapse with my eating disorder. I hadn’t considered the connection seriously until I read “Please Don’t Call Me Ma’am” on Disrupting Dinner Parties (which is a great blog and you all should check it out!), which I had done before I came out but only just got around to fully analyzing.

This part really hit home and spoke to me:

I would’ve considered skipping breakfast, hoping to starve away the traitorous curves that evil motherfucker, estrogen, stuck me with.

It’s like a part of me I’d never fully listened to woke up when I read the words that Logan (who prefers feminine pronouns and masculine honorifics!) wrote. There were several times that I was literally pointing at my screen and shouting “this is me!”

Over the last couple months, I’ve had to take a hard look at myself and what it means to be me and it made me realize that a part of the reason I struggle with food is because of my gender-differentness. When I was really sick and super thin it was easier to be androgynous like I’ve likely subconsciously leaned toward for many years. It was easier to present however I felt like presenting at the time; I didn’t have much in the way of breasts or hips to contend with, my waist curve was barely existent. In fact, when I was thinner and had short hair several years ago, B’s coworkers thought I was a guy, which filled me with a thrill I didn’t understand at the time.  My cis-gender friends were insulted for me when I told them but being “mistaken” for the “wrong” gender made me giddy.

So, it’s an interesting realization. Hopefully my self-acceptance will help me on my road to eating disorder recovery!

Sorry Dove, Not Buying It

Thought-provoking critique of Dove’s Real Beauty project.

Disrupting Dinner Parties

As a part of their Campaign for Real Beauty, Dove released this video that quickly went viral. In the video we see several women show up before a forensic sketch artist. The artist draws two portraits of each woman, one based on her description of herself and one based on stranger’s description. Later, women are shown both portraits to show them how much they underestimate their beauty. Inspiring, isn’t it?

Nice try Dove, but I’m not buying it.

Dear well-meaning, gushing internet friends that re-post this video with tag lines like “to all my beautiful friends out there” etc., slow down with the fervent praise.

Before we delve into the message, let’s examine the messenger. Let’s consider Dove – a corporation, the primary purpose of which is profit. Profit, revenue, money, dough is the bottom line here and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. In this case profit is gained…

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Shaving: Save the Standards

Great post about beauty standards, sexism, and body hair. I don’t shave my legs anymore. Sometimes I might use a beard trimmer with a guide but that’s rare.

Disrupting Dinner Parties

Guest post by Nadia Morris

Not too long ago I was standing in a YMCA open gym, waiting in line for the mat to practice flips. I was chatting with a girl my age that claimed to be uncomfortably warm with all the physical activity we were doing. However, she wouldn’t take her sweats off and change into shorts because, as she confided in a hush, she hadn’t shaved her legs in a week and it was totally gross.

I sighed and shrugged off the pants I was wearing over my shorts, which revealed my legs, which vaguely resemble those of an adolescent wookie. “There,” I said, “feel better?”

‘Cause here’s the thing: I am a woman who does not shave her legs. This usually engenders a broad scope of reactions from other people, ranging from disinterest to approval to downright disgust. Despite the fact that the majority of people…

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