The first video in the post was very striking to me because I see myself with a body like the teacher (person on the left) but my fiance tells me that my body is more like the person on the right. I recognized myself being body dysmorphic and gave myself a pat on the back (after confirming with my fiance about the body types).



My day-to-day stress level should be going down soon and we’ve had the Wii back from the pawn shop for a couple weeks now. However, I just can’t find motivation to start again. My fiance is less than encouraging and I don’t know anyone who would be able to be encouraging of me, either. So I don’t know.

Long Time, No See

Unfortunately, this blog fell behind due to stress in my life. I haven’t been able to workout since I’m not even sure when due to said stress and the possibility of relapsing. This time of year is hard for me due to Christmas being my mom’s favourite holiday and it makes me miss her a lot. Add to that financial stress and I’ve been just barely functional.


I hope that in the new year that I can start working out again regularly and update more but we’ll see. If plans go according to plan, which they rarely do, finances should be better in the next few weeks and that will relieve some stress. However, in March is my mom’s death anniversary so that’s real hard to cope with as well.


Be good to yourself and stay safe. That’s something I keep having to tell myself and I think it’s important to share here too.

More Wii Fit Plus+Mall Walking

Yesterday my fiance and I walked the mall at a decent pace. It wasn’t really our goal — we had some shopping to do — but still. The mall is a mile around. My back and stomach muscles hurt like hell most of the day yesterday because of Wii Fit Plus’ Figure routine so I didn’t really workout yesterday. However, walking the mall counts toward moderate exercise and, thus, counts toward my goal of heart health!

Today my fiance and I did some more Wii Fit Plus. I’m not sure which routine he did but it lasted about 7 minutes. I did the Hips one — lasted 8 minutes. I LOATH the advanced dance step thing. It really messes with my dyslexia.

Because my fiance re-calibrated the Wii Fit yesterday, it said I gained some weight and gave me some shit about that. It made me tell it why I gave weight. I ended up yelling at it. I wish I could just turn that feature off because it drives me nuts and is kinda triggering.

But, over all, it’s nice to have the Wii and Wii Fit Plus back. Hopefully with it and two peddlers we’ll be able to workout at least a little every day, which will help keep our hearts healthy.

Wii Fit Plus

My fiance and I got the Wii and Wii Fit Plus back from the pawn shop earlier! Huzzah! And my fiance was able to fix the Wii Fit board (it thought that people were standing on it when no one was there)!

So we worked out a few mintues with it tonight. The Wii Fit says I weigh 125 but I don’t know. The bathroom scale says 138 or so. I’m not sure which one to trust so we’re going to weigh something we know for sure what it weighs and see which one is accurate.

Also, the second peddler I ordered shipped today!

Another Peddler

My fiance and I have been discussing how we can help each other get healthier. We tossed some ideas around until finally we decided that getting a second peddler so we can peddle together would be the most useful thing, since the reason why we both struggle with working-out is because of not enjoying doing it alone.

So, after saving up from doing surveys for a couple of months, I ordered us this, which is just like the one we already have:

I’m very excited for it to get here and can’t wait to “race” my fiance.

Heart Health

As I wrote about earlier, I have decided to focus on hearth health, rather than weight loss, but I didn’t really go into why, exactly, I decided this.

My mother’s father died from complications due to congestive heart failure. My mother’s mother had to have open heart surgery when I was a kid (I can’t remember for what, exactly, but I know that they put a vein from her leg into her heart and she had to take nitro for the rest of her life).

And, when my mom was 43, she suffered a sudden, massive heart attack and died in front of my sister, me, and our dad. We didn’t know her heart was bad at the time. Looking back, you can always see things and it’s easy to try to blame yourself about it. If you had just recognized the symptoms of heart disease in women. If you had just realized that she was overweight, diabetic, and had high blood pressure she was at risk for heart issues. If only. It can drive you mad. It’s taken me years to get to the point that the “if only”s don’t drive me insane with guilt.

Anyway, I obviously have a very strong family history for heart disease, especially if you look at how both my mom’s parents were diabetic, and my dad’s mother was also diabetic.

So I decided to focus on heart health instead of weight loss. I figure that weight loss/fitness will come with the heart health.

My goal is to workout 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes each day and work my way up to more than that. However, if I’m feeling bad because of my emotional state, then I don’t workout because it can be triggering to my anorexia.


Here’s a link talking about the minimal standards the CDC/ACSM Consensus Statement and Surgeon General’s physical activity recommendations: — Possible trigger warnings there for talk of calories.

Every American adult should participate in 30 minutes or more of moderate intensity activity on most, and preferably all, days of the week.

  • Moderate activities: activities comparable to walking briskly at about 3 to 4 miles per hour; may include wide variety of occupational or recreational activities, including yard work, household tasks, cycling, swimming, etc.

So, there you go. That’s why I’ve changed my focus.