End of the Road or Change in Topics?

I’m not sure what to do with this blog anymore. While I still struggle with my ED, it’s not been a primary focus in about a year ’cause I’ve been concerned with other things, like facing homelessness and chronic illness/pain, and realizations about myself. Plus I had to have a surgery and I’m still pretty messed up from it. Sometimes I think I should just delete this blog ’cause, while I started it in hopes that my words might make people feel less alone, I don’t know what to say anymore that’s even remotely on topic.

I don’t need this blog to be a journal or venting space ’cause I have a semi-private one for that. I do have a couple ideas about what I could write about from time to time but I’m not sure if my audience (if you’re all still there after my repeated unannounced hiatuses) would be interested. I’ve got some recipes to try, could talk more about chronic illness in general… I don’t know.

Thoughts, comments?


This Isn’t An Eating Disorder Post — Losing Our Place to Live Again

I don’t really post this type of personal stuff on here because it’s meant to be a eating disorder/positive body blog. But on September 4th of this year, my fiance and I were evicted from our apartment in the Denver, Colorado, area because my fiance lost his job in April and was unable to find employment. We got behind on rent because unemployment doesn’t even pay minimum wage. We tried to work with the property manager at our apartment complex but she couldn’t do more for us at that point.

Lots of drama involving having the place we were going to stay at tell us at the last minute we weren’t welcome. We ended up staying with my sister in the Fort Collins area for three days and she found us a place with her friend. It was meant to be temporary but we were under the impression that we could stay here until we got back on our feet.

My fiance’s unemployment ran out in October and, while he’s trying to get an extension, the process takes 6-8 weeks and we don’t know if he’ll be able to get it extended because Colorado passed a law that if you’re unemployed after April 1st, 2012, they won’t extend your benefits. It’s possible things have changed but we’re not sure.

I’m unable to work due to a long list of health issues but I’m not on SSI/SSDI because I don’t have enough documentation due to not having health insurance most of my life. My fiance is also technically disabled (he has narcolepsy and cataplexy) but his disability isn’t recognized by Colorado so we have been unable to get help through any disability advocates.

Friday, November 16th, we were told we have two weeks to get out of the place we’re currently staying in (and just barely scraping by with) because the room we’re in is being rented out then. It’s legal and everything since we don’t have a lease and it’s considered month-to-month.

My fiance has a job he might be starting in the next week or two but he’s waiting on a background check (required by Colorado state law), and when he passes (he has no criminal record), an appointment for a drug test (which he should pass unless our roommate’s second-hand pot smoke is an issue).

So far our plan is to post on Craigslist and ask if there’s anyone local that will let us stay with them (with a lease, hopefully, so this doesn’t happen again) for a few months in exchange for us doing housework until we have an income again.

Our requirements for a place is:

Allow us to keep our birds.

No smoking (cigarette or pot) inside unless a window or two is open and the room is allowed to air out (we both have pretty nasty asthma — no incense for this reason also).

Room to ourselves so we can have some privacy.

Place that’s not really a party place.

No cats due to allergies.

Additional information about us: we’re both in our mid-twenties and my fiance has had a stable employment history until just recently. We’re pagan and left-leaning politically but we can keep that mostly private if need be. We both tend to keep to ourselves and our current roommates say we’re so quiet that they often don’t know when we’re awake/home (this might be due to being in the secluded basement). Neither of us have a criminal history but my fiance’s credit is shot and I have no credit. We’re currently in the Fort Collins area and need to stay near by (willing to go near Greeley if need be) due to my fiance’s possible job.

Also, we’re about to lose 90% of our possessions because we couldn’t afford October’s bill for our storage locker. This includes things that can’t be replaced like photographs of my dead mother (she died when I was a kid) and other keepsakes.

If anyone can help, please let me know.

ETA: an internet connection is EXTREMELY important because we only have a pre-paid, basic cell phone and the internet is how we’re able to look for housing/jobs and stay in contact with the outside world.